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Future House

London's Techno-Optimist Members Club

📍 Clapton, E5 9NP

What is Future House?

The members of Future House are some of the most optimistic & ambitious people in the UK. We believe not only that technology can make the future better for all humans, but that it’s every person’s moral duty to build the future’s technology as fast as possible.

Our community is made up of world-leading experts in AI, Robotics, Space, Policy, and more. We combine our expertise intentionally to reduce siloed knowledge, and enhance our learning.

Oh, and we like a good party.

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Future House's Values

At its core, Future House is Techno-Optimistic. We believe that not only can the world be better, but that we have a duty and responsibility to make it better. Technology is humanity’s leverage, it’s our mechanism for having an outsized impact on all future humans, and isn’t something to shy away from.
The future is brightest when all humans work effectively together. As such, alongside techno-optimism, we value Humility, Ownership, and Growth.


An important part of being a techno-optimist is having optimism in people, not just technology. Disagreeing well is part of how we grow, learn, and teach. When in Future House, we expect all members, guests, and event attendees to act with humility & empathy - in particular towards those we disagree with. There are many flavours of techno-optimism - for us to succeed, we need to respect and collaborate with one-another.

Don’t mistake humility & empathy for being soft and sensitive. We don’t expect to be liked by everyone, and will often need to tell one-another harsh truths.
We bring forward the techno-optimistic future by respectfully infecting everyone with our optimism, in particular those who disagree with us.


We’re bringing the techno-optimistic future nearer, but it’s a never ending journey which will have ups and downs. That means we’ll all be collaborating, sharing, and leading at different times. Members at Future House feel ownership of, and agency over the future.

With that ownership comes strong opinions. Sometimes, for the good of the techno-optimist community, we will need to disagree & commit, or cut something we’re excited about. These decisions can be difficult, but are key to the success of a vision greater than the sum of its parts.


We all want to learn. We actively search out new knowledge - we’re curious. That’s why we joined Future House. New things attract us, and contradictions excite us.
Each and every techno-optimist has a slightly different vision of the future, and differences are an opportunity to improve everyone’s vision.

We acknowledge that an important part of changing reality is understanding it, and so are constantly building a more accurate model of the universe.

It's you or never

You’re probably looking around and despairing. Technological progress has stalled, the world is at war, people hate one another, culture is deteriorating, and people seem obsessed with finding ways to believe things that are very clearly not true.

The bad news is: You’re not imagining it. Something has gone terribly wrong in our civilization.
The good news is: You get to be the hero who saves the world.

There is no longer time to look at the status quo and expect someone else to change it. Those other people have retired, gone golfing, or died. Those people failed to make our civilization better, and worse yet - failed to prepare us to fix what’s broken.

You and I - we - are the last chance for western civilisation to get back on track. If not us, who?

The people stopping us from building houses? Nope.
The people trying to shut down Nuclear Reactors? Nope.
The people striking at the thought of automating trains? Nope.

We can have flying cars, colonies on Mars, personalised medicine. All in our lifetimes. But we have to be the ones that make it happen. No one else will do this for us.

We have a choice:

In other words: Will you be an Orphan of The Past, or a Child of The Future?